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Providing Residential Inspection Services to Northern Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast.

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Brasfield Home Inspection is committed to serving you, our customer. Our business is built on trust, integrity and ensuring you have the information you need about one of the largest investments you’ll make. Choosing the right home inspector can help ease your stress and give you peace of mind.  We will help you make sure your investment is secure.

Ultimately, a thorough home inspection depends heavily on experience and attention to detail. With Brasfield Home Inspection, you are getting a Certified Professional Inspector who understands the commitment you are about to make. When you hire us to inspect your new home, we guarantee that we will take the same care as if it was our own home.

Why Hire Us?

With all of the options you have for home inspectors, learn why we’re the best option.

Sample Report

Learn more about what you can expect from our easy-to-read home inspection reports.

Home Inspection

We will make sure you understand the major systems of the house you’re about to call a home.

Pool & Spa

Pools and spas can be relaxing and therapeutic additions to any home or multi-unit housing structure, but only if they’re safe and properly maintained.


We will provide you with the required insurance forms, explain how to read them, and discuss the credits you should receive.

4 Point/Insurance

An insurance requirement for all homes over 30 years of age.

  • Electrical Inspection
  • HVAC Inspection
  • Plumbing Inspection
  • Roof Inspection


A roof certification is a more in-depth look at the roof. We climb on the top of the roof, examining roofing components more in-depth and evaluating aspects of the roof’s performance.


Mold is sneaky and often hard to detect. Make sure you know if action needs to be taken.


Infrared Thermal Imaging inspections allows us to ‘see’ behind walls, ceilings, and floors to identify insulation issues, that can cause heat loss.


To avoid getting stuck with extensive damage that is typically not covered by homeowners’ insurance, buyers should always request a wood-boring pest inspection before finalizing the purchase of a home.

A better experience.
A better inspection.